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Currently we offer these products:

  • Abeona is easy-to-use license generator and validator for Java applications, with straightforward API, friendly UI and public-key cryptography in background.
  • Gaia is our free-of-charge library of Java solutions. It contains support for reflection, I/O streams, XML parsing, application launcher, a few interesting Swing components, building Swing forms from XML descriptions and - mainly - Swing client / server solution.
  • Hephaistos is our flag-ship. It is a client / server project management tool for the tasks planning and activities recording. You can plan your tasks in gantt chart or in the task hierarchy view, with absolute or relative dates, you can solve tasks they were assigned to you, you can add record of your activity to any task, you can see your timesheets, project timesheets, project state, etc. It is free-of-charge for small teams (up to 8 users).
  • JavaGantt is a Java component for intelligent rendering gantt charts. It uses a (extendable) set of layers to paint the chart and so it is highly configurable for your applications.

We hope you will find our products useful. They can help you in your work.