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Promote your software

Maybe you know it, maybe it is your first experience: you created your software and now you want to let the other people - your future customers - to know about it. And you detect, this is more complicated than write software only.

Currently is the most used way to utilize the download (freeware and / or shareware) sites. They let their visitors know about your software. All you need is to create PAD file, store it to your site and let download sites to know about it.

The PAD (Portable Application Description) file describes your software in XML form. You can create it with this application, for example. But this is the easier step.

The more challenging is to commit the link to PAD file to the download sites. There is more than one thousand of such sites. Some of them are totally free, some require a back-link from your site to the download site, some are payed, some require login (and account, of course), more than half of them is protected by captcha.

You can do it manually. You can collect the list of download sites by yourself and commit the PAD file to them. But you will detect that not each site supports PAD upload, many of them are WEB directories or article oriented sites, some are inactive...

If you plan to sell your software (it is the real shareware), you can use some payment operator like They process payments by credit cards in the secure way. But they also submit your PAD file to all affiliate sites and support your software promotion. The price is 16% from each sold product.

The other way is to buy some submitter - application which supports your PAD submission to different sites. Yes, you can try it. They have different prices and quality, most of them require your active participation. Some commit your PAD file to 30, some to 1000+ sites. They are priced from 20 to 70 EUR.

You can also use some payed service. They commit your PAD file to 100 - 2000 sites and process login and captcha for you. It is absolutely exertion-free, but the price is much higher. They charge hundreds EUR for one PAD file commiting.

Or you can try it with us. We are developing some application to support this process for very low fees, and also gratis for some sites. Currently we are on the start line, so we cannot offer you the running application. But to help you to promote your software at this moment, we have prepared list of the download sites. You can use it to manual submission of your PAD file.

Yes, it is tedious process in this way (we know it), but it is the best you can get for now: all links are collected at one page, they are commented and show directly to the submit page where possible. You don't need to looking for it on the home page.

We hope we will finish the programming of our application in the short time and we will be able to offer you some sophisticated and cheap way to promote your software.