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JavaGantt download

Here you can download JavaGantt distribution. It contains JAR files, Java source examples for demo application and complete documentation. Our distribution contains a license agreement. Please, read it before you use JavaGantt.
Click this button to download:

 Download JavaGantt 

How to install

Simply unzip downloaded file to appropriate directory. You will get this structure:

    JAVAGANTT                      - this is the root directory
        license.txt                - license agreement
        release.txt                - release notes
        DEMO                       - Java demo example for JavaGantt usage, contains sources and classes
        DOC                        - documentation directory
             javagantt_2011_1.pdf  - JavaGantt manual
             API                   - Javadoc directory 
        LIB                        - jars directory
             javagantt_2011_1.jar  - component library
             gaia_2011_2.jar       - BeeSoft general library
             launcher.jar          - library for launch apps
             abeona_2011_1.jar     - license protector

You can copy JAR files wherever you need for your development process.


JavaGantt is protected by Abeona protection system. It works without any license, but 10 minutes after JavaGantt was created it displays a warning message and stops to paint itself. So if you want to develop an application, which will work more than 10 minutes without restart, you need purchase the license.