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Hephaistos features

This page contains descriptions of most essential features of Hephaistos:

  • Client / Server architecture - Hephaistos is not a WEB based application. We choosed client / server architecture for this product, because we want one control center and we plan to give to our application client some more functionalities in the future. The client is the Java Swing based application with built-in autoupdate functionality.
  • Security and access rights - Each user have to login to the application. The access is password protected. The user can have assigned different roles and they restrict or enable access to some functionalities of Hephaistos.
  • Project and task planning - Application supports the planning with the absolute start - finish dates or relative with constraints and dependencies. It is your choice what style you use.
  • Tasks tree - The tasks of the project display in a tree. Hephaistos uses a conception of the summary tasks, so you can organize your tasks in a tree with virtualy unlimited depth. And you can also change this hierarchy by moving the nodes of the tree.
  • Gantt chart - Gantt chart extends the abilities of the task tree. It appends a timeline and dependencies chart presentation for each task. Gantt chart is editable in the same way as the task tree.
  • Task dependencies - Task dependencies are an essential part of a project management software. In most projects, certain tasks cannot begin unless another one is completed. This can be tricky to manage when the project is complex and contains several tasks that depend on the successful completion of other ones. Hephaistos supports task dependencies to make your planning easier.
  • Activities recording and time tracking - Each project member can append to any task of the project record about the work done by he or she. This activity record impacts amount of work on the task, its summary tasks, project and also serves as an input for automatic recalculating of the user's timesheets.
  • My workspace - All tasks you solve or manage you can find in one place - in My Workspace. So you always exactly know what you have to do or what do your subordinate employees. In My workspace you can find also your timesheets and activities.