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Purchase Hephaistos

Here you can purchase or order Hephaistos application license. You need the license only for teams with more than 8 users.


The price of Hephaistos is computed from number of users:

Users Price Note
1 - 8 Free of charge No registration required
9 - 20 1 990.- EUR (approx. 2 920.- USD)   Starter pack for 20 users
Each next user   20 EUR (approx. 29 USD)  
Maintenance 15% of actual price (yearly) Maintenance for first year is free.
Maintenance for small teams
(maximum 8 users) is free for ever.

There is no money-back guarantee because you can try this software for any period of time before you buy it. The price is given for one server and choosed number of the users. Use this formula to compute the price for more than 20 users:

price (EUR) = 1590 + (20 * users)

Note for customers from European Union: In the sense of 15 of the Slovak Value Added Tax Act the place of delivery is another member state of the European Union.

How to purchase

send your order to our email address Provide company identification data and a name for the point of contact and most importantly, please include the email address of the person you would like to have the license information emailed to. Include also the product name (HEPHAISTOS) and number of users. We will send you proforma invoice and basis for order payment.

You will obtain the Hephaistos license file together with invoice to your email after payment. We do not ship Hephaistos installation pack, you can obtain it freely from our Download page.