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Project creation

The new project can be created by enterprise manager only.

Go to menu Project / New project. Application displays this form:

Fill these fields in the form:

  • Name - name of project
  • Project manager - name of project manager (selected from existing users)
  • Project ID - this is a company dependent information, maybe the project's name abbreviation
  • Task ID prefix - this will be the first part of the task ID, should be unique across projects

The project manager should fill the remaining fields:
  • Team leader - team leader of project team
  • Contracted start date - project start date as specified in the contract
  • Contracted end date - project finish date as specified in the contract
  • State - can be one of the Active, Waiting or Closed. Selected value decides in which branch of the navigation tree will be project displayed.
  • Description - text description of the project
  • Project activity types - items to this field can be appended with button Add activity type. Activity type distinguishes between types of activity. Examples of activity types are: Programming, Analysis, Testing, etc.

Editing of project record

Both enterprise manager and / or project manager can edit project record. This record is accessible from the navigation tree. Under your project node is node Overview. Clicking this node you will open a non-editable form of the project view. Press button Edit on that form and you can edit project.

Project team setup

Enterprise manager decides which company workers will be the project members. Select the Team item in the navigation tree under your project. The list of current project members displays. Use Add button to add new project member.

There is no deletion enabled. But you can discard a project member, when you open his / her record and uncheck Current member checkbox.