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Task solving

Any project member can participate on the task solving.

There is the button Add activity in the task form. Pressing this button will open form for activity recording.

In the activity form you have to fill these fields:

  • Date - date when activity occurred
  • Activity type - type of activity (one of types defined in project)
  • Effort - time (hours) you solved this task
  • Remaining effort
  • Comment - some explanation text to your activity

If you are assignee of this task, you can change remaining effort of the task. This is your estimate of the hours count remaining to the task finish. Set this field to 0, if you have this task resolved.

Value of remaining effort is transferred from activity form to the task. Project manager or team leader can set field remaining effort in the task form directly.

Task with remaining effort = 0 is resolved but not finished. Project manager or team leader can finish the task when check Finished checkbox in the task form.