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Resource creation

Only the user with property enterprise manager checked can create new resources (users).

You can display all workers list by double clicking on the node Resources / Workers in the navigation tree.

Button Create invokes form for new user creation. In the form you have to enter:

  • first and last name of the new user
  • user login

For special users you may to check Enterprise manager and Top manager properties. All other properties have just information purposes and are not used by system.

Created user has password exactly the same as a login. User should change it as soon as possible. Password is stored in encrypted form and it is for enterprise manager not accessible. But if the user will forget his / her password, enterprise manager can press button Reset password in this form and set the password from login.

Note: users with no login have no access to Hephaistos and they are not calculated to maximum number of users enabled by Hephaistos license.