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Task setup

The new task can be created by project manager only. He or she is the only one who can edit task dates and dependencies.

You can plan your tasks in two ways:

  • absolute - you enter start and end date for the task
  • relative - you can use dependencies on the other tasks to compute start and end date

To plan your task absolute, you have to

  • set start and finish date
  • or set constraint for task to Must start on and set constraint date
  • or set constraint for task to Must finish on and set constraint date

Any dependencies to other tasks are in absolute planned task ignored.

Relative planning has some advantages against absolute: when you change some date in one task, dates in the remaining tasks are automatically recalculated.

To plan your task relative, you have to

  • set duration of the task
  • set constraint for task to Keep duration
  • add one or more dependencies - with button Add dependency

In the dependency form you have to choose a predecessor task and the dependency type:

  • Finish -> Start
  • Finish -> Finish
  • Start -> Finish
  • Start -> Start

The first option is the most common type, and it means "When the predecessor task finished, start this task".

Please, note: if there are some activities to the task, you cannot change dates or constraints of this tasks. You cannot change dates and constraints of the summary tasks, too.